Thursday, October 23, 2008

Point of Presence and Targeted Advertising in times of Economic Reflection

We'll be the first to coin a great new phrase that can be used in connection with the current economic environment..its not a recession, its a period of economic reflection.

With that, we give a hats off to an in-store advertising approach that retailers, consumers and manufacturers are embracing. POP advertising has been evolving for years,and without listing the multitude of in-store strategies that have been used over the years, an enhancement developed by Catalina Marketing is proving to be a solid, next generation approach.

Profiled by David Kesmodel in today's WSJ Media and Markets section-Catalina's latest approach is database driven and personalized. After a shopper makes a purchase at her local supermarket and her store loyalty card is processed, the cashier hands over the paper receipt, along with another slip that includes discount offerings on products that map to the shoppers buying habits and product choices. One major brand manufacturer (Stouffer's) has found this strategy is delivering 10x higher response rates than any other in-store program.


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